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14 Essentials to Carry in Your Purse at all Times

14 Essentials to Carry in Your Purse at all Times

It’s your best friend, your companion, and likely the reason you’re sane. It can elevate your look from casual to cute, and holds the elements of your fabulous existence: tissues for the “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” midnight premiere, a tube of Ruby Woo for your third cousin’s sangeet, and a torn copy of Mindy Kaling’s “Why Not Me?” for long subway rides. 

1. Phone

Phones—aka cameras, televisions, speakers, and hours of endless entertainment—are so vital for any journey. I personally am addicted to my phone, as it is a powerhouse of thought, inspiration, communication, and, well, Buzzfeed videos. Keeping your phone handy and with you at all times is important, especially during emergencies. 

2. A light snack

If you’re anything like me, you get hungry a lot. Keeping any sort of snack in your handbag, such as a granola bar, pack of pretzels or ziplock of kheer (just kidding), will allow for a quick rejuvenation and fix that grumbling stomach. (You will thank me for this one the next time your tummy drops its mixtape during a meeting.)

3. Tissues

Tissues are important because they absorb tears, snot, and spilled coffee (which is beneficial on the days we decide to sport our new, and spotless, white blazers). In short, you will never not need tissues.

4. Sanitizer

The only thing worse than dirty, germy hands was Shahrukh Khan’s ponytail in “Dard-e-Disco.” Always keep sanitizer handy to apply before a quick snack, or when sick, just before shaking hands with others, and after riding public transit. Remember, a clean person is often a happy one.

5. Feminine Products

Surprises are great, but not on the day you decide to wear white skinny jeans. Keep all feminine products in close range at all times to avoid catastrophes (I basically just saved the world).

6. Mouth Fresheners

Big dogs in tiny sweaters are cute. Imran Khan and Genelia D’Souza in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” are cute. The video of your niece reciting her alphabet is also most definitely cute. Stinky breath, my dear, is not cute. Keep gum, breath mints, Listerine strips, or breath spray in your handbag to keep your mouth fresh and conversations un-embarrassing.

7. Water Bottle

Drinking water is imperative to incorporate into your daily routine. This miraculous liquid gold can help strengthen muscles, keep skin refreshed, maintain bowel function, and so much more! Keeping a water bottle in your bag is an excellent reminder to sip, sip, and sip.

8. Notebook

There is surely some magic in the act of writing—no, not typing. Actually writing words, curving and angling them to your whims, dotting I’s with little hearts, and inscribing them on actual paper. Keep a journal with you to list five things you’re grateful for each day, write about an interaction, or make a grocery list. Just never stop writing—it is a sure fire way to feed your soul.

9. Pen

If you’re anything like me, you likely have to sign a multitude of autographs. Keeping a pen in your handbag will only facilitate the process, as well as other tasks, such as signing cheques, writing in your journal (wink, wink!) and so much more.

10. Book

Whether it be Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance” or JD Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye,” reading is a universally celebrated phenomenon. Picking up a book can transport you into a different world, whenever you choose. Books are perfect to keep in your bag because they let you forget your worries for a bit and escape reality, whether on a park bench or during lunch break at work.

11. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably the most effective fashion statement that also serve a pragmatic purpose. Not only do they protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, they make a statement to the world. Keeping them in handbags is truly helpful, especially when you’re gazing at your bright future.

12. Wallet

This one is seriously a given. Always take your wallet with you: paper or plastic, coins or credit.

13. Headphones

Sometimes we need an escape from reality, whether it be in the form of qawwali, Walk the Moon, or Future. Headphones are especially useful in this arena, as they are perfect for distracting, focusing, or personalizing whatever task you’re on your way to perform.

14. Video camera

As a vlogger, the presence of a video camera is always a given. To me, recording is a way to stop time, even if just for a little bit. My hearty camcorder has seen the ins and outs of my life, and has captured beautiful events and memories with my loved ones. By keeping my camera in my purse, I’m sure to never miss a moment.

With that all being said, I think our purses all deserve a “thanks” for always being so prompt, cooperative, stylish and helpful. I truly believe that if a woman has the right items with her at all times, she can conquer the world: one handbag at a time.



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