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5 Tips to Care For Your New Handbag

5 Tips to Care For Your New Handbag

Care For Your New Handbag

You worked hard for it, you earned it, and you absolutely love it… but that designer handbag of yours won’t stay looking as utterly gorgeous as it did on the day you bought it home without a little bit of TLC. We can’t preach enough about the importance of learning how to Care For Your New Handbag or purse!

Here at The Handbag Spa, the world’s finest handbag restoration specialists, we have some tips to share with you on keeping designer handbags looking their best.

Freya Bass, Manager of The Handbag Spa, says: “A designer handbag is more than just a place to store your purse and lipstick, if you look after some in the right way they can actually become investment pieces that either hold, or grow in value over time.

“It doesn’t take much to get your handbag in tip top condition but will be worth it when you’re still getting compliments about your beautiful bag in a few years!”


1. Prevention is better than cure

 It’s an old cliché – but the best advice usually is.

In the case of looking after your leather it couldn’t be more true, from the day you bring your bag home be sure to protect it with a proper leather spray at least once every two months. This is definitely key when learning to Care For Your New Handbag.

2. Never ever use baby wipes to clean your bag

Yes, they’re used all over the world on baby’s skin but the less said about what’s in baby wipes the better – they can damage the finish on many leather bags and create a build up of product that’s hard to remove. Read on to discover a handbag friendly alternative. 

3. Keep your bag covered

When you’re not using your bag keep it covered in the dust bag provided, and even better, keep it stuffed with acid free paper so that it retains it’s shape. As tempting as it may be to keep your beautiful bags on display, the sunlight and dust won’t do them any good.

4. Leave the stains to the professionals

Don’t be tempted to try and remove that ink stain from the outside of your bag or the lipstick mark on the lining – leave it to the professionals who have specialist products that can lift almost anything out of delicate and porous leather. You risk doing more harm than good by attempting a bit of DIY.

5. Remember to keep it germ free

You wouldn’t want to know how many germs most handbags harbor – even the most beautiful designer handbag will be put down in public places and then thrown onto a bed or kitchen worktop bringing all those germs into your house.

Wipe your handbag at home regularly with Antibacterial Handbag Wipes or a germ killing product, such The Handbag Spa’s Anti-Bacterial Cleanse.

Here at The Handbag Spa, we’ve developed a specialist antibacterial wipe that you can use to remove almost 99% of germs from your beautiful bags. Their handbag friendly size makes them great to use on the go, so you can now be prepared for any emergency spillages and eliminate all that nasty bacteria that handbags pick up on a day to day basis. These wipes are also great for cleaning handles and removing the build of dirt on linings.

Convenient, effective and affordable – give your handbag the spa treatment it deserves.



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