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Adidas Honors London With A Premium Superstar Pure

Adidas Honors London With A Premium Superstar Pure

More a world traveler than many of us, the adidas Superstar, in honor of its 50th Birthday, has taken yet another trip to London, bringing along premium constructions in its carry-on. While the silhouette’s official “City Pack” is still underway, adidas seems to be especially keen on the England capital, going as far as to name this versatile entry after it. Overt connections are sparing — if not close to nonexistent — with only as much as a mention sitting by way of thinly typed text: this logo lock-up accompanies a much more boldly emblazoned “SUPERSTAR,” affixing both together only a backdrop of neutral white leathers. Perforations sit in for overlaid Three Stripes, with the lateral staying blank instead, while heel tabs further emboss with trefoil branding along a black contrast tab, whose shape resembles that of the equally iconic Stan Smith. Grab a detailed look at these right here and if you’re attracted to the mix of luxurious materials.



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