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Detailed Look At The Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough”

Detailed Look At The Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough”

Though not quite as momentous as the Reverse Skunks, the Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough” acts as quite a solid consolation for those who feel unfulfilled from this year’s 4/20. The colorway, which playfully pays homage to the cannabis strain of the same name, marks only with loud tones of red and green. Heels brandish with the latter, acting as a makeshift stem with its suede fabrications and seemingly leafy pulls, while the forefoot appropriately finishes the reference with the bolder option and a slew of dotted accents. Toolings then mark with a relatively invisible icy blue finish, possibly nodding to the act of smoking itself in a way more subtle than the literal coughing strawberry at the heel. Grab one of the best looks at these thanks to @yankeekicks, and expect a release to arrive later this Summer.



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