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Shoes are definitely one of the most popular and common accessories used by human beings. People are using shoes from ages and in fact individuals starts wearing shoes right from the moment he starts walking first steps on Earth. Shoes have been evolving from decades and modern technology is creating a lot of different models to sustain the needs of modern lifestyle.

Sneakers are another term which confuses a lot of people because they look exactly like shoes. It is very difficult for people to choose in between sneakers and shoes cause they both look cool. Sneakers are specially created for athletic purposes. If you would like to know more about the differences between these two types, here is a detailed article about Shoe vs Sneakers:


Basically, Shoes are an accessory worn by Humans on feet to get comfort and warmth. Shoes are made from synthetic fabrics, leather, nylon and polyurethane. Most of the companies uses these materials to make the bottom and top parts of sports, athletic and general shoes.

People mostly use shoes which are easy to clean, wear and maintain. The sole of the shoe is made up of polyurethane material which is highly flexible and braces the impact of contact with roads and obstacles.

Athletes wear shoes with hard soles to resist tear and wear which results in good resistance. Shoes that are made up of soft soles are used for daily wear, casual wear and business purposes.

Since mid 20th century, shoe manufacturers started creating shoes with synthetic cloth, plastic, rubber and industrial adhesives. Leather is the most used material used in the making of shoes in the earlier era. They used traditional crafting techniques to increase the durability of the shoes.


Sneakers is a popular term used among the people these days. Most of the people use sneakers for athletic purposes so sneakers became synonym for sports shoes. Sneakers are first introduced by U.S Rubber company in the year of 1892 sparking the demand of society. 

Sneakers are also referred as athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, trainers specially designed for the need of physical exercise and widely used in everyday use. The term describes a kind of footwear that is made with flexible sole of synthetic or rubber material and the upper part is made up of cloth or synthetic substitutes.

These shoes are completely made up of rubber soles which gives extraordinary comfort during the sports time. The name sneakers is given because rubber soles makes squeaky noises while walking around due to the rubber soles. Most of the people refer to all types of rubber shoes as sneakers but it is not correct.

Sneakers are completely different from some type of rubber sole shoes. While wearing sneakers you will good comfort and feel good. There are wide varieties of sneakers available in the current marketplace. You can purchase a pair of sneakers for your jogging and gym needs.

Difference in between sneakers and shoes: 

Sneakers is a term used in North America while shoes is the term used in Australia and England for trainers and joggers. The shoe is a generic word used to refer the footwear worn by women, men and kids.

Not all types of athletic shoes are sneakers. Rubber soles and design are the two major things that differentiate sneakers from shoes. Sneakers is mostly used in North America. 

Shoes are made from many types of different materials and sneakers are made from rubber and synthetic soles.

-Sneakers are created to provide amazing comfort and flexibility to match the needs of athletics whereas casual shoes are considered as footwear used for casual and professional needs.

Bottom Line:

Having a perfect pair of footwear is extremely important and you must consider a number of things before purchasing footwear. If you are getting confused between buying shoes and sneakers, make a list of all your needs and choose the best one that suits you.



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