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Latest Furniture Trends

Latest Furniture Trends

The correct furniture can improve your home aesthetic by many levels. It adds to the overall decor and feel of your home interiors. And the best part is, you do not have to limit yourself to a particular kind of furniture in every room. Each individual room can have its own individual flavour and look. We live in an era where design aesthetics have transcended boundaries and we are not limited to settling down for a local overused trend. Let’s have a look at the hottest and latest furniture trends for 2021 and why it is a great idea to imbibe one of these in your home.

Oak-Y Ambience

When can oak go wrong? The answer is never! The premium feel of this wood combined with some sharp finishes and designs can assure the best of your furniture to stand out even more. Invest in oxidised oak for an even better smell (yeah, that’s right!) and touch experience. Oak has a versatile colour palette availability so you can always combine the contrasting shades of it for better aesthetics.

Finishes are what give the finesse to your already awesome furniture choices! With the best of design minds in the world accessible to you thanks to the internet and globalisation, don’t settle for your local carpenter’s choices when it comes to your furniture’ finish! High gloss, matte, rustic are a few hues in vogue. Mix and match these finishes in various elements in your rooms to provide texture to your home.

Mind The Geometry

Geometric patterns, mandalas and the basic figures look oh-so-aesthetic when arranged properly. Loose, asymmetrical shapes are are the new kids on the block and they are taking over the furniture market slowly and trendily. After all, who better to find imperfection perfect than our beloved millennials?

Courageous Contrasts

Go bold with the colour you choose for your furniture. High contrast patterns that make a statement should be your choice without a shadow of doubt! If you are a conversationalist let your colours speak for you too! Let your walls and furniture contrast each other, make sure the colours compliment each other and you might just turn a series of walls to the most lovely living room ever.

Multifunctional Furniture

Let’s face it. 21 st century has just begun and we have run out of space for our homes. Be it industrialisation or the ever-growing urbanisation, we are now left with a costly and cramped up real estate solution. So how can you make the most of the space you’ve got?

It’s simple – multifunctional furniture. How about a sofa that rolls out a bed when needed? Or a pull out study table for your kids? Space saving innovative designs are all the fad now and for good reason.

Keep ‘Em Original

Ditch the assembly line produced furniture and go for authentic, handmade and personalised ones. In this era of instant dates, delivery and noodles, slow down when you design your home. Come back to a place with original furniture, crafted with love and care for that special feeling. Homely vibes are the best aren’t they?

Palette Strong

Blush, neutral or earthy? Your pick! Don’t settle for boring browns and blacks when it comes to your furniture now. Select the colour of your furniture according to the mood you want in that particular room. With a whole plethora of options available to you online and offline, you should not face any trouble in versatalising the whole process.

Mix It Up With Metallic Glam

In a mood to experiment a bit? Add metal decor to your furnishings and watch some magic happen! Gold, brass and silver for those decorative fantasies you have and blackened metal finishings for the minimalist in you. See, a little bit of everything without much ado.

Art And Antiques For God’s Sake

Remember that old saying, ‘Old is Gold’? Although this article is all about contemporary styles of furniture trends you must adopt, how can we say goodbye to our old friends – antique and artistic pieces? They are what bring in the sense of class and originality to any house. They tell a story, your story. You can incorporate yourself with these styles and bring alive the golden era in your modern house. 

Every single piece of furniture you bring in, every single design you implement is going to give your home the uplift and elevate it requires to be a subject of envy from your friends and family. And furniture and furnishing are not just about woodwork, as we learned from the above points! It is about developing and materialising a style, ‘your’ style to be precise. Adopt a fad and get that oomph factor up.



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