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Why are sneakers so popular?

Why are sneakers so popular?

Plenty of reasons for the rise in sneakers, athleisure, and casual wear. A multitude of celebrities wear sneakers due to their endorsements/contracts which they have formalized with the name brands (Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, etc.) Celebrities are, arguably, the best influencers and what they wear can often set trends in the fashion industry due to how much they are scrutinized on a daily basis. This is why whenever people like LeBron James, Drake, and Travis Scott wear a particular sneaker on a given night, social media almost always takes notice through images captured of them. That, of course, sparks discussions regarding their clothing/particular fit that day, how they look, how the sneaker looks, etc. In essence, sneakers are so popular because of the potency of the marketing behind them. It’s not just Nike and Adidas commercials that sell the sneakers to us, the general public, but a variety of other factors as well, such as the aforementioned celebrity cosigns, photos on social media, advertisements from famous influencers in the industry, etc. 



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