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Butterfly Cashmere Sequined Scarf

$ 629.00 USD $ 2,397.00 USD

Butterfly Cashmere Sequined Scarf

Premium quality 

Condition: New

Brand: VA

Color: A/B/C

Size: 70cm * 205cm

Material: Cashmere

Shipping worldwide

Butterfly Sequined ScarfšŸ”„Explosive Styles. The real thing is really beautifulšŸŽ€Three-dimensional embroidery butterflyšŸ¦‹The sparkling diamonds are embellished on the solid color cashmere shawl and matched with lace cut flowersšŸ’“šŸ’ƒšŸ» No matter the design or craftsmanship, it is very in placeā˜€ļøThe details are visiblešŸŒŸThe whole scarf It gives people a big gas field and is very exquisite and high-end.









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