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Cashmere Ring Velvet Long Scarf

$ 629.00 USD $ 2,397.00 USD

Cashmere Ring Velvet Long Scarf

Premium quality 

Condition: New

Brand: CA

Color: A/B/C

Size: 100*200cm 

Material: Cashmere

Shipping worldwide

Wonderful scarf for women. Very fashionable, stylish and youthful. This new flagship series is very beautiful. The soft waxiness of the ring velvet and the wonderful patterns interpret the feeling of women's western style and vitality. The style that slowly penetrates, the upper body is good-looking, it is the temperament, slowly penetrates, and hits the heart. The more you wear it, the more you love it. In front of the mirror, you just love it too much. Put ten thousand hearts, it's such a temperament to match everything. Size specifications: 100*200cm. Pure cashmere ring velvet long scarf.


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