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New G-SHOCK G-SHOCK Casio CASIO limited model G-SHOCK G'MIX smartphone cooperation model reimport overseas model Anadigi watch black gold GBA-400-1A9 music

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Materials: combined materials 

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From G-SHOCK, which fuses with various cultures and gives off a strong presence in the casual scene, a new "G'MIX" with the theme of the MUSIC scene has appeared.

By linking G-SHOCK with a Bluetooth SMART compatible smartphone, the communication function that allows you to enjoy music more actively has evolved.

In cooperation with the newly developed dedicated smartphone application (*), the following three functions with the theme of "fun" will be possible by operating the G-SHOCK buttons and rotary switches.

(1) The fun of "listening" that you can set your favorite sound quality and live feeling with the song feed and volume control, and the equalizer function by operating the large rotary switch provided on the 3 o'clock side.

(2) The fun of "knowing" that you can search for the title of the song you are interested in at a club or live venue with a single touch and display the title on G-SHOCK.

(3) The fun of "playing" with sounds, which allows you to operate G-SHOCK and make sounds that are set in your smartphone in advance.

Furthermore, in the face design, the disc-shaped indicator, which resembles a turntable placed on the 9 o'clock side, rotates to display the connection status with the smartphone, and we are particular about "enjoying" music in terms of design. ..

Introducing the new "G'MIX" that makes full use of advanced technology and enhances not only functional evolution but also emotional value. -Mobile
link function that works with Bluetooth SMART compatible smartphones
-Music application "G'MIX App" compatible-Rotary switch that allows intuitive operation
- 9 o'clock side dedicated button by the easy connection
and connection state disk type indicator displays the
-needle retraction function
and high-brightness LED light "Super Illuminator"
, the battery life of about 2 years (with battery power warning function)
※ application "G -SHOCK + "and" G'MIX App "need to be downloaded.
■ Mobile link function (function interlocking by wireless communication with Bluetooth SMART compatible device)
To use the mobile link function, it is necessary to download two dedicated applications "G-SHOCK +" and "G'MIX App" to the mobile phone. there is.
For compatible mobile phones and the latest information, please see the dedicated site.
-Control the dedicated player that can set the sound quality and sound field with the clock.
-Search for song titles of music that can be heard by operating the rotary switch of the clock.
・ Search for mobile phones that make the sound of mobile phones by operating the buttons on the clock.
-Automatically corrects home time and world time when the default time is reached.
・ Various clock settings such as world time (about 300 cities), alarms, timers, etc. can be operated with a mobile phone.
* Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
* Other company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
* GBA-400 is certified by the Radio Law of Japan.
* Please check the dedicated site for details and the latest information. Case / bezel material: Resin
resin band
Impact resistant structure (shock resist)
Inorganic glass
20 ATM water resistant
Mobile link function (function interlocking by wireless communication with Bluetooth SMART compatible device) In-
flight mode
World time: 100 cities in the world (35 time zone, with summer time setting function) + UTC (Agreement world) Time display hand retract function (when the hands overlap with the liquid crystal display and are difficult to see, the hands can be temporarily retracted from above the liquid crystal display)
Stop watch (1/100 second, 1000 hour counter, with split) )
Timer (set unit: 1 second, maximum set: 100 hours, measured in 1/10 second units)
5 time alarms (only one has snooze function, one-time alarm / daily alarm switching function)
・ Time signal Battery exhaustion notice Function
Fully automatic calendar
12/24 hour display switching
operation sound ON / OFF switching function
LED light (with super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds))
Sound flash function (alarm / time signal, time) Up, time signal interlocking light emission)
Accuracy: Average monthly difference ± 15 seconds
[Usage conditions]
・ Mobile link function: 2 hours / day
・ Light: 1 time (1.5 seconds) / day
・ Alarm: 1 time (10 seconds with sound only ) ) / Day
* Battery life may be shortened depending on the intended use and settings.
Size (H x W x D) / Mass: 55 x 51.9 x 18.3 mm / 66 g


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