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LO "Anagram" Marked Scarf

$ 599.00 USD $ 2,199.00 USD

LO "Anagram" Marked Scarf

Premium quality 

Condition: New

Brand: LO

Color: A/B/C/D/E

Size: 180*70cm 

Material: combined materials 

Shipping worldwide

LO "Anagram" marked scarf/shawl. The artist Vicente Vela created the famous Anagram mark, which consists of four intertwined letters "L". Since then, this mark has been widely printed in LO products, symbolizing first-class materials and excellent craftsmanship. As mentioned above, this fabric is comfortable and smooth, the tassels are neat and concise, the style is generous and practical, and the price is beautiful. Don't miss it 180*70cm.


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